Getting from Airport to Hotel

YYC to Downtown Calgary Host Hotel!

There are 4 options from the Airport to the Host Hotel:

  • UBER is a great option and is approximately $40.00 CDN. (Pick-up in front of Door 14 on ARRIVALS Level using the APP)
  • Cab's are always available for approximately $60.00 CDN. (Pick-up on ARRIVALS Level just outside the door)
  • There is a direct city bus that will take you downtown to City Hall for $12, followed by a 23-minute walk to the Host Hotel. (Pick-up on ARRIVALS Level outside of Door 15)
  • Don't try and get to the train, it is too far from the Airport!

Renting a car can be done from the hotel or airport.  You may want to drive to Banff and enjoy the Rocky Mountains for the day!  There are great options to take a Buss to Banff as well.  Checkout Banff Airporter or Brewster from the Airport. Cost is $85.00 CDN one-way.



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